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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 6, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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she's wearing a hospital gown." >> reporter: almost an hour later, ford's doctor called telling deputies the patient was missing. ford's daughter was notified. this is what happened five days later. >> the supervisor also attempted to review the video footage as requested but due to hardware problems wasn't able to do so. >> reporter: on september 30th, a search of the hospital was ordered. >> the staff was directed to search the campus, the search did not include all the stairwells. >> reporter: the next day was determined that not all stairwells had been searched. on october 4th, the sheriff says that someone reported seeing a person lying on the landing in the third and fourth floor stairwell number 8. >> there is no indication that anyone was dispatched to that stairwell. >> reporter: the attorney representing spalding-ford's family was at the press conference and said today's
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information is troubling. >> just becomes more and more troubling that now they're looking for an african-american woman or looking for an asian woman, they don't seem to know who their patient was. hospital officials say that they will be releasing a statement later today. we're waiting on that. the sheriff also says that there will be sweeping changes here at the hospital. we'll tell you more about that coming up at 6:00. reporting live in san francisco, i'm cheryl herd, nbc bay area news. a possible hate crime. investigators are looking to see if that is what provoked a 16-year-old to set another teenager on fire onboard an ac transit bus back on monday. 18-year-old luke was severely burned when he was set on fire as he slept in the back of the bus. flashman was listed in stable condition today at st. francis memorial hospital. she said her mother -- an
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oakland high school student using a lighter to set his clothing on fire. >> very shocking. i'm glad we were able to arrest the person and get them off the street. it really, even after a career in law enforcement still find something like that really disturbing. >> meanwhile a fund for his hospital bills is now up to $20,000. oakland police are praising two men onboard that bus for putting out the fire and want to find them to honor them. breaking news we want to pass along. we have just confirmed a statewide amber alert is over. the abduction was in sunnyvale earlier today when a father and his baby boy seen here have been found in southern california, across the border in mexico. kris sanchez is in sunnyvale where it all began with the latest. chris? >> hi. that's pretty much what we know at this point because the department of public safety has
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been tight lipped about any updates in this case. but we can tell you that the father, 22-year-old is now in the custody of american authorities. he was caught as he was trying to cross the border in lukeville, arizona. the baby, most importantly, the baby is safe. just two months old has been away from his mother for more than 24 hours now. but now has been recovered and is in the custody of american authorities. hopefully soon to be reunite would his mother. left home from the baby with the apartment that they share in sunnyvale and the baby, left here to run errands and then sent a text message to the mother at 4:30 saying he was going to leave with the baby. he wanted to go to new york, she did not. they had a disagreement and then they left. after that, she received a text
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message saying if she got the police involved he would harm himself and he would harm the baby. she delayed in reporting this to police. sunnyvale police getting initial reports around 10:30 last night. but by then the california chp and san diego was starting to get viewing, spottings of this suspect and the baby and of his 2004 gold gmc envoy. we do know, again, the baby is safe and that the suspect, the father is in custody. trying to cross the border at lukesville, arizona. now in custody. we expect to get a lot more information about this case coming up in about ten minutes and we are going to find out more, we'll bring that to you. reporting live in sunnyvale, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> thanks so much, kris, keep us posted. just into our newsroom a call for help. investigators are looking for witnesses to a crash that killed two people. they already have a suspect in
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custody, 54-year-old marjorie wrightville from redwood city. her blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit when she hit and killed two people as they walked their dog. the crash happened around 7:00 p.m. back on october 24th. if you saw anything or think you saw anything, mentop low park police want you to call them. lawyers for a san francisco man accused of masterminding the silk road website says he's not an online drug lord. 29-year-old ross made his first federal court appearance today. he was brought to new york city to face felony charges. federal authorities say he ran the notorious website, which sold everything from heroin, lsd and marijuana. he was arrested last month at the san francisco library. this morning, a new version of the silk road came online along with selling drugs, it is also taking donations for his defense. sunnyvale's measure c drafted in response to the
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newtown school massacre passed with nearly 70% of the vote. measure c requires gun owners to report a firearm theft within 48 hours and keep stored guns locked up. dealers will now have to keep records of ammunition sales. so far there has been no legal action announced by the nra, which has threatened to sue claiming this new law in sunnyvale violates the second amendment. the measure was backed by new york mayor michael bloomberg and the organization called mayors against illegal guns. another hot button issue, san francisco voters rejected prop b and c, which would have allowed a luxury condo complex to be built on the water front near the ferry building. developers spent seven years planning the 134-unit facility and that city approval, but opponents complained it was too tall and formed the group, no wall on the waterfront. this could also hurt the chances of the waterfront arena. following up now on a story we broke yesterday. an emotional exchange today at
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san jose state university. administrators heard from top educators about the massive cuts they have to make in the next few weeks. nbc bay area damian trujillo was at the meeting. >> reporter: this man wouldn't give his name but the only student allowed to speak at this emergency meeting between the san jose state administration and the college department head. >> to say that there is a personal, well, where is the president? i'm sure he has more important things to do than half these people here next year may not have jobs. i'm sure he has more important things to do. >> reporter: san jose state noticed about a month ago it was overbudget and met with the deans to discuss roughly $3.8 million by next june. dropping some class sections and letting go of nontenured faculty was one of the solutions. the chair now has to hand out
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the pink slips to his staff. >> not quite like laying off my brother and sister, but like the family. don't have a job. no, doesn't feel good at all. >> reporter: today the deans and department chairs asked why news of the cuts for next spring came so late. >> these are things that all campuses have done. we have taken the cuts probably later than most campuses because our campus has sufficient reserves. >> reporter: the cuts come as student enrollment climbs at the university and ultimately those students could be hit the hardest by the budget miscalculati miscalculation. >> i can't graduate in four years all these budget cuts. >> reporter: the university says it will still look for the best solution with the least impact for the students. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. also in the south bay, the pigging out is over for some swine who have been feasting on expensive landscaping. san jose city council has approved a temporary measure along the trapping and shooting of pigs within the city limits.
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the next three months, the state fish and wildlife department issued permits to hunters. the permit application begins today but managers of the country club are wondering what happens in the long run. >> there's quite a few thousand. we're hoping this will help solve the problem for right now until the city council can come up with some better measures for the future. >> and the council members have instructed their staff to do just that, research a long-term solution. the mystery may be solved. still ahead, google breaks its silence about that barge loading on the bay. also a day ahead of twitter is highly anticipated ipo. an exclusive look inside another ipo. another bay area company doing a lot of celebrating today. and a nonprofit organization rocked by flames. the tremendous resource that could have been lost is the resource used by millions every
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single day. and after some of the warmest weather of the week happening today high clouds now beginning to spread across the bay area. a live sky camera network shows that in san francisco. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. details on our cooling numbers tomorrow and through the weekend. plus, the possibility of rain.
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an overnight fire in san francisco's inner richmond district damaged a major digital library in the bay area. internet archive is an online collection of books, movies, music and archive pages. the site has about 3 million users a day. the damaged building was used as a scanning center. >> the equipment inside was maybe $600,000 worth of high-end digtuization equipment. that's a lot. there was some materials that were in the process of being g
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digitized. most was in a locked closet that wasn't affected. there were things that were out and some of those were destroyed. >> fortunately, though, no one was hurt in this fire. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. after a lot of speculation, twitter has settled on a price of $26 for its public stock offering. that values the san francisco-based company at roughly $18 billion. trading will begin tomorrow, in case you haven't heard. twitter isn't the only local company celebrating an ipo. we take you to the south bay now. this is campbell based barracuda network celebrating its ipo today. not only rang the opening bell at the new york stock exchange, but rang plenty other bells in the headquarters in south bay. barracuda put $75 million into the bank by going public and watched the share prices jump by 20% in one day. making a lot of money for all these people gathered there. the employees.
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>> it's kind of surreal. i don't think it's sunk into everybody yet and everybody was posting stuff on facebook and i had a friend on the floor at the stock exchange this morning and he sent me pictures and just kind of like we came to work today and then it didn't feel like any different, but, yet, it's completely different. >> buy a tesla now perhaps. good day for bure barracuda to go public. security stocks in general are a hit these days with so many people worrying about their data. new at 5:00, yelp is moving its headquarters into one of san francisco's most historic building. today the company opened its doors in the building that used to house pac bell telephone company. nancy pelosi along with ed lee were there to remind the company of the historical significance of the building. it was one of the first skyscrapers in the city. >> new headquarters to you, but a building of great tradition in our city. >> felt that by preserving and
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transforming this historic san francisco landmark into a modern workplace we'd be honoring that idea. taking up residence at 140 montgomery is one of yelp's most important milestones. >> one of the first transatla transatlantic phone calls back in 1929. we continue to follow our breaking news in the south bay. an update on our top story. the amber alert in sunnyvale. we want to take you to sunnyvale p.d. this is dave will give us an update on that amber alert. the father and newborn baby boy found across the border. >> reporting to us that the suspect had been arrested in mexico and the child had been recovered safe. we are currently waiting for the mexican authorities to turn over the suspect and the child over to u.s. border agents at the lukeville, arizona, border crossing. >> the baby is in the car with the dad, they were together when
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they were found? >> they were together. >> he made it across the border? >> yes, he was stopped at a checkpoint in mexico and the mexican authorities interviewed him at the checkpoint and based on the interview they had with him they contacted the u.s. border patrol at the lukeville substation, provided his name to those authorities and discovered that he had a million dollar arrest warrant that we had obtained this afternoon as a result of the investigation. >> what is the baby's condition? >> we're told that the baby is fine, but, again, we're still waiting for confirmation from the border patrol. they don't have custody of either one of them yet. the mexican authorities need to-do their paperwork to turn them over to the u.s. authorities. >> how far was he from the border? >> that i don't know how far. mexican checkpoint is from the border, i don't have that information. >> was mr. guler cooperative? >> i don't have that information. >> how long is the process to go through the process so that the baby can be returned to its mother? >> for the baby to be returned to the mother? >> you said the mexican
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authorities have to go through -- >> they have to go through whatever their process is in order to release to the u.s. authorities. border patrol tells us that could take hours. it depends. but they've also, the u.s. border patrol has made arrangements with the arizona child protective services to be at the border crossing with them. so, when the baby does arrive, they can take custody of the baby. >> would he be in the hospital for examination? >> somewhat happy ending here. an amber alert issued last night after a father in sunnyvale left with his 2-week-old baby boy. they were found, as you heard them say, at the mexican border in arizona. right now u.s. custody still, they're not in custody, but they are okay. that father and baby boy have been found. presumably will be returned back home to the mother in sunnyvale. >> that is some good news. let's switch gears now to the forecast. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is here and it was the last day of beautiful weather for a while it looks like. >> we have the changes already
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beginning to move in. you can see the storm system off to the north and just a few hundred miles away from us. short-term models no indication of rainfall for tonight. we can just expect this cloud cover to continue to move across as we head throughout the next six to eight hours. for tomorrow, overall, with the clouds and some slightly cooler air, we can expect temperatures to go down a little bit for that thursday forecast and with the clouds for the morning hours, not quite as cold. upper 40s at 5:00 a.m. and then tomorrow upper 60s inland, we'll go with more of a mid-60s situation. let's take you outside right now to that high definition sky camera view. once again, the clouds on the radar now spreading across the south bay with that storm just off to the north. also in emoriville, we'll get that onshore flow building back late tonight and tomorrow morning for a few areas of patchy fog. provide the biggest cool down on thursday for the coastline and also for the peninsula. let's look at our temperatures, once again, anywhere from three
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to six degrees cooler for parts of the south bay tomorrow. 73 in san jose and 70 in los gatos and 73 in palo alto and still on the cooler side for morgan hill and gilroy. generally right around 70 to 73 degrees even back here throughout the east bay. 70 in danville and 71, also expected in pleasanton. throughout san francisco, we think downtown will drop four to five degrees, as well. with 67 for you and upper 60s to 70 here in berkeley and also oakland. if you're concerned about the game there in stanford tomorrow, that huge game against oregon, on the cooler side and you'll need that jacket throughout 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. and temperatures in the mid to also upper 50s and, again, a dry forecast coming our way. speaking of dry weather, all of the warm air the past two days, that is going to be moving off to the south and now we're going to be switching gears to a much different weather pattern. we have this trough of low pressure that will develop by early next week and by our indications right now, forecast
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models have been disagreeing a little bit, but we do think we'll see at least 0.4 in napa and 0.5 in santa rosa. the last rain we had back on september 21st. but it does not look as strong as what we had on that late september storm. overall, 46 days now with no rainfall. even if those rain numbers go down a little bit at this point, it will still be good news for us for that rain season. on the seven-day forecast, numbers cool off from upper 60s through 70 on sunday. wind at the coast this weekend, but that chance of showers pretty much right now at this point now contained to about monday and tuesday of next week. there's still some variance on the timing and intensity that could change that storm system, but i'll be here to track that for you and keep you updated throughout the next couple of days. >> thanks for keeping us posted. well, a special event in palo alto this morning. pleasure of joining ronnie lott
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and brent jones for sky's the limit breakfast. we helped raise more than $100,000 for at-risk kids. sky's the limit provides financial aid for kids seeking wilderness therapy. a great program that really helps children. i was hauonored to be part of i the benefits of blue berries. the diseases a daily dose of the fruit could ward off. also the state of the art cargo ship makes its maiden voyage to the peninsula. what sets it apart from others. just ahead.
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the secret is out. today google spilled the beans, well, sort of. that mysterious barge being
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built along the bay an interactive learning center. that's all the company said. no further details. in a statement released today, google put an end to weeks of speculation. it reads, "google barge, a floating data center? a wild party boat? a barge housing the last remaining dinosaur? sadly, none of the above." google is also building a similar barge off the coast of portland, maine. a state of the art ship docked here in the bay area today. this afternoon it arrived in redwood city to make its first delivery. here's the catch, self-unloading cargo ship which means it unloads its cargo without any people. this is its maiden voyage that comes from china. onboard the ship, sand and gravel which will be used at construction sites in the south bay like new apple headquarters and levi stadium. the city expects imports to double by the next 18 months. in health matters, new information revealed that
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doctors may be able to spot signs of autism earlier than ever before and it's all in the eyes. researchers at children's health care of atlanta track the eye movements of infants at risk for autism. they compare them to children who were not at risk. babies who did not make as much eye contact with people were later diagnosed with autism. special technology was used to track these eye movements. more research needs to be done and experts say parents should not worry if their child does not look them in the eye. a new study reveals a new benefit of blue berries. researchers at the university of maine say antioxidants in blueberries help keep eyes and blood vessels healthy. nearly 40% of americans suffer from metabolic syndrome that increase risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. when lab rats ate two cups of blueberries a day blood pressure went down.
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they say it's best to eat tony the tiger isn't feeling so great today. declining sales is causing the world's largest cereal maker to cut jobs. kellogg's says it will cut about 7% of its workforce by 2017. the company has had some stiff competition from general mills and private label cereal brands as well as the increasing popularity of yogurt and egg sandwiches. kellogg's had about 31,000 employees worldwide by the end of 2012. no shirt, no shoes, no service. but how about no cell phone? the deal one restaurant wants to make with its customers, next.
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we've all seen it and may be guilty of it. glued to their smartphone in a restaurant. customers at the eatery and tavern in beirut will get a 10% discount for not using their phones while at the restaurant. the owner says he came up with the idea because it seemed like everyone was spending a lot of time on their smartphones whether they were out with friends or alone at the table. >> can you cheat and look at your phone underneath the table. >> no cheating. put it away. >> that is going to be tough. >> i like the idea. >> i like the idea, too. >> not focused on the person you're supposed to be there with. >> so rude. >> i'm guilty of that sometimes. >> thanks a lot. "nightly news" is next. >> see you back here at 6:00.
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a passionate argument at the supreme court. a new twist in the scandal over bullying allegations. and now the league is investigating the miami dolphins. was he assassinated? and mother and daughter, dr. nancy sneiderman and her dart on a very personal journey, to meet the birth mother she never knew. nightly news begins now. from nbc news world headquarters, this is nbc nightly news with brie and


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